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From growing up in Sheffield, failing as a footballer to a career in sales, marketing, management to working with Princess Diana and becoming a regional Director of the British Red Cross. All is told with humour and honesty culminating in hilarious tales from my time as a film and TV extra to running a Murder Mystery Company and creating an International touring stage show ‘Back to Broadway’, not to mention writing my first novel......

I have managed to cram my life story into an inspiring 45 minute talk. I'll make you laugh and cry, and send you away knowing that anything is possible if you only believe. This is the story of a life that has been well and truly lived!

"Thank you so much for your talk, people appreciated your honest presentation. What a life! Then sat up 2 hours and read your book, Absorbing."

Women's Institute Member

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The gripping new football thriller from Michael Bearcroft


“As far as I know I have only had one life, so it all seems normal to me. When my talk is over, you may beg to differ!”

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