The story begins as one man scores a goal which catapults him from relative obscurity into the limelight, with all of the pressures that this brings. He meets a girl only to discover that she has been missing, presumed dead for a year. He then has to cope with adulation turning to hatred as a result.

He is sacked from his job, abused by the media and public alike, and then begins a journey to prove his innocence. Along the way he finds true love, discovers himself and re-evaluates the real purpose of life. During this journey he helps to bring down a criminal gang and learns about the charities involved in working to stop people trafficking and the sex trade.

He has the chance to put all the lessons he has learned into action when he becomes player manager for the team and signs up to help a worthy cause involving family, friends and workmates in putting something back into society.

From the start with the excitement of the game, that goal, to his becoming a pariah, the pace continues to hot up to include battles with criminal gangs to new career and commercial rewards. Following a romantic interlude in Canada the pace quickens again as murder occurs and a new life emerges.

As he adjusts to his new role as player manager and experiences all the behind the scenes activities of a football club, the race is on to be ready for a new season, a new beginning and a new world.
"Dangerous Score is a fantastic, sexy thriller!"
'Dangerous Score' supports 'The Hillsborough Family Support Group'
Published by Dynasty Press, 36 Ravensdon Street, London SE11 4AR. Distributors: UK. Orca Book Services Ltd; UK Sales Enquiries: Star Book Sales. US: Pathways; Cover Artwork from a design by Sue Bearcroft; Typesetters: Shore Books and Design, Norfolk; Promoters: Sorted PR, Newcastle upon Tyne
Alan Hansen invites thriller readers to support Margaret Aspinall and the Hillsborough Families on their long road to justice says Dangerous Score publisher Dynasty Press
BBC TV Football pundit Alan Hansen said today he wants to see Dangerous Score, the football thriller written by Mike Bearcroft to benefit the Hillsborough Family Support Group. Alan previously added his voice to the Justice Collective's CD of the classic 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' which is expected to make UK Christmas No 1 and he continues to lend his strong support to the Group.